Marbella Golden Mile property for sale

Marbella Golden Mile property for sale

Marbella Golden Mile property for sale
5th November 2018

Marbella Golden Mile property for sale

For those seeking to buy a property in the most exclusive and sought after beach side area of central Marbella the Golden Mile is the place to be.  Luxury Villa Sales has a wide section of Marbella Golden Mile property for sale.

Where is the Marbella Golden Mile?

The Marbella Golden mile describes the area in between the old town centre of Marbella heading out west as far as Puerto Banus.  It’s a good deal longer than a mile!  Such is the value of the Golden Mile name and its positive effect on property values that many of the areas just inland from the Golden Mile also like to consider themselves Golden Mile too!

The real estate hot spots on the Golden Mile are the beach front locations near to the famous landmark hotels mentioned below.  Here you have many of the highest value properties in Marbella, along with an array of boutique shops and many of the best restaurants in the area.

Luxury Villa Sales offices are located in the heart of the Golden Mile right opposite the exclusive Marbella Club Hotel.

The origins of Marbella Golden Mile

The Marbella Golden Mile is home to the most exclusive 5* hotels in the town, the Marbella Club Hotel, the Puente Romano Beach Resort and the Nobu Hotel Marbella.  The Marbella Club is well known as the place where glamorous Marbella was established, after in 1947 the playboy Prince Alfonso Hohenloe bought what was then Santa Margarita, an old rural finca on a beautiful 180,000 square metre plot on the beach in what was to become the Marbella Golden Mile. This became the family’s Mediterranean hideaway and as more and more esteemed guests were invited to stay Marbella evolved into the world famous glamorous town and resort we know today.

Marbella Golden Mile property for sale

As you would expect with our offices being located in the heart of the Golden Mile we have a wide range of Marbella Golden Mile property for sale in the area.

Marbella Golden Mile Apartment Prices

The prices for Golden Mile apartments are very wide ranging and depend on a few factors, not least location, condition and proximity to the beach.  If you look at an apartment in one of the ‘inland Golden Mile’ areas you would be lucky to find something below €300,000, whereas if you look at an apartment on the beach side of the main road in the true Golden Mile you will be starting from €400,000.  And if you go front line beach side, in an area like the Puente Romano Beach Resort, within the grounds of the 5* hotel you can easily be looking at upwards of €2,000,000.  For those wanting the best, a large beach side penthouse apartment on the Marbella Golden Mile can cost in between €3,000,000 and €10,000,000.

Marbella Golden Mile Villa Prices

Like apartments villa prices are greatly location, and of course condition, dependent.  The lowest price villas, in need of a little renovation work in an ‘inland Golden Mile’ location will start in the region of €700,000.  A nice villa on the beach side of the main road in the heart of the Golden Mile would be in the region of €4,000,000 to €12,000,000 and if you are looking for the top of the range on the beach you could be looking at over €50,000,000.

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Lord Alan Sugar
“Having used them myself, I have found LVS to be very professional, conscientious and can highly recommend them for all your Marbella property requirements.”
Lord Alan Sugar, London
Ana María Macedo and Jon Jonsson
“I am very happy with how Carin at LVS has taken care of me and my family during our Marbella home buying processes. She has carefully listened to what we want and need, and she has suggested properties that we really can see ourselves living in.

Carin is never pushy and never oversells. Still, she is firm in her advice. Her property knowledge is great as well. Carin also responds to any questions or concerns quickly.

I find that Carin genuinely believes that the most important thing is that we find the right property for us. She genuinely puts me as the buyer first. I value that so much in an Agent.

I can highly recommend Carin as your preferred and trusted agent in the Marbella market.”
Ana María Macedo and Jon Jonsson, Sierra Blanca
Charleine Wain
“I just want to say a personal thank you for being so amazing and helping us out so much. This move would not be happening if is wasn’t for you. We cannot thank you enough. ...”
Charleine Wain, Marbella
Pier Morlet
“Carin came in to manage my house as her listing with Luxury Villa Sales (LVS) a while ago. She has been determined to learn about the house to be able to sell it the best to a suitable buyer. A great attitude to have.

Carin has created her own marketing videos for social media to promote my house. And, LVS has advertised my estate in local magazines.

Carin has been very responsive to any of my questions and given me feedback after each viewing she has had.

I find that she has been very good at qualifying buyers before she allows them to come to view my property. She has also been determined to receive the highest offer possible for my property.

Carin and I cooperate and communicate very well. It is a pleasure to work with her. I strongly recommend Marbella LVS as the agent to list your property. I would definitely list with her and LVS again.”
Pier Morlet, Marbella Golden Mile
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